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PYREX Glass Rimless Test Tube 18x150mm

  • NC-0995
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PYREX® test tubes are made from special borosilicate tubing to give them an optimum wall thickness. They are highly resistant to thermal shock, chemical corrosion, and physical impact.

This rimless test tub features a permanent white marking spot, ensuring that important information about the contents is not lost or erased during the course of an experiment.


  • Capacity: 27mL
  • Material: Type I Class A - Low-Expansion Borosilicate Glass, per ASTM E438
  • Length: 150mm
  • Outer Diameter: 18mm
  • Top Style: Rimless
  • Bottom Style: Round
  • Rubber Stopper No.: 0
  • Autoclavable: Yes
  • Heating: This test tube is designed for heating by hot plate, flame, oven, microwave or heating mantles. In normal service it can be heated many times to 230°C. It can be heated one time to 490°C in extreme service.
  • Cooling: This test tube can be cooled to -230°C. DO NOT plunge it directly into a liquid coolant. Place it in the vapor phase of the liquified gasses for slow cooling prior to immersion in the coolant.

Safety Tips:

  • Always replace glass laboratory containers that have become scratched or abraded. These defects will make the glass prone to breakage while in use.
  • The maximum working temperature for PYREX glassware is 490°C. However, once the temperature exceeds 150°C, ensure that heating and cooling is achieved in a slow and uniform manner.
  • Do not use hydrofluoric or hot phosphoric acid in glass.
  • Hot alkalis will etch glass.

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