• 95-0250-01
  • 95-0250-02
  • 2000µW/cm² @ 3"
  • 302nm

EL Series UV Lamp, 8W, UVM-28

  • NC-12283
Price: $789.00
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This Model UVM-28 UV lamp is a hand-held 8-watt model equipped with two 302 nm midrange tubes that operate at the same time. It is manufactured with a durable, extruded metal housing and scratch resistant powder paint.

Very lightweight for easy holding or place the lamp in the optional J-138 stand (NC-4983) for hands free operation. Uses 115V A/C current with an 8 ft. cord.

Return Policy: Ultraviolet lamps from Analytik Jena (UVP) have a 20% restocking fee.

Applications include...


Gel Electrophoresis results can be analyzed quantitatively by visualizing the gel with UV light and a gel imaging device.


UV Light curing adhesives can cure in as little as a second in many industrial markets such as electronics, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, glass, and optical.


In dermatology, UV radiation is known to suppress the immune system and reduce inflammatory responses.